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Account Security Guide

Keep Your Account Safe

Your Orion Indemnity online account provides access to your policies with Orion Indemnity. Here are some things you can do to help keep your account safe from prying eyes.


Keep your account for yourself. Avoid sharing it.

Log out when you are done.

Let us know immediately if you suspect unauthorized access or abuse of your account.


Use your password only to log in. No one with Orion Indemnity will ever ask for it - not in person, not on the phone, not by email, never.

Avoid sharing your password.

Avoid re-using a password that you use for other accounts.

Change your password immediately if you suspect someone else knows it.

Consider changing your password occasionally, in case somebody has it without your knowledge.

Consider using a secure "password safe" program.

Choose a password that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for someone else to guess.

Avoid using personal details in your password that might be found on social networks, genealogy sites, or other public sources.

Avoid saving your password in browser for auto-filling your password. It is possible for passwords saved in browsers to be accessed by hackers.

Account Details

Avoid using personal details in answering your private questions that might be found on social networks, genealogy sites, or other public sources.

Use a private email account.

Website and Email

Check for the "s" in https:// at the start of Orion Indemnity's web address. "s" stands for secure. The "s" means that you are asking for a secure connection.

Check for the padlock icon in your browser. A locked padlock means that your connection with Orion Indemnity is secured.

Be cautious of suspicious emails claiming to be from Orion Indemnity. Orion Indemnity will not send you emails that:

  • Include your sensitive or private information
  • Include compressed or executable attachments
  • Ask you for your password

If you receive fraudulent emails claiming to be from Orion Indemnity, let us know.

Learn More

A wealth of information is available about how to safely use services over the Internet. Here are a few starting points:

This guide is provided for your information only. It is not a contract or warranty. For more details, please review Orion Indemnity's Privacy Statement and Terms of Use.